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The Lodge

Our lodge is 3200 square feet complete with a spotlessly clean industrial kitchen. We boast a large rustic dining room complete with a stunning view of the river and a lounge where you can watch the fire, listen to great music or watch the big game.

This building is the heart of our establishment, it is the place that we break bread together, tell stories and create friendships that last a life time. It is the place that we share our fishing knowledge, and strategize and plan your fishing adventure. You never know when you will see or hear live music from one of the many instruments hanging on the wall.

If you are not careful, before you know it this building will become a part of your life, it will feel like home.

  • Testimonials

    “The French River, and especially the Chaudière Lodge, has become an area that is very close to my heart, and I plan on continuing our annual trips as long as I live. I have travelled all over the world, from rain forests to tropical paradises for scuba diving, and I have never seen a place more beautiful than The Upper French.” —Patrick Tryon
    “The French River is not an ordinary river, it is a river that just provides one magnificent view after another on its entire length. You will enjoy beautiful sunsets while listening to the call of the Loons and not knowing what type of monster fish may give you the thrill of a lifetime. If you are looking for a fishing lodge to get away from the daily demands and associated stresses, Chaudière Lodge with its great food and fantastic cabins gives you that and more.” —L. Amil Lesney, member of the
    Loose Drag Fishing Team