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Phone Number: 1-705-763-2220


Click this PDF button to download a printable version of the driving directions.

DRIVING DIRECTIONS For your GPS: 1053 Dokis Reserve Rd. - Dokis - Ontario.


FROM THE SOUTH (Toronto etc.) : Take the 400/69 North (69 is a continuation of the 400) and continue north through Barrie. (Stay on the 400/69 at the north end of Barrie, do NOT take Hwy 11)

Continue driving north through Parry Sound, and approximately 1 hour later you will cross the FRENCH RIVER (a big steel bridge). Approximately 8 - 10 minutes after you cross the French River, EXIT RIGHT onto Hwy 64 - signposted to ALBAN, NOELVILLE and STURGEON FALLS.)

Follow 64, when you come to NOELVILLE, Hwy 64 does a 90 degree right turn in the middle of town (it’s clearly signposted.) Stay on 64.

Note: For a Gas-station, Supermarket, Beer/liquor store - keep going straight where 64 does the right turn. The gas-station and supermarket are immediately on your Left. The beer & liquor stores are approx. 300 yards further on your Right, past another gas station.

Back on 64, the last small town you will pass through before your turn-off is called MONETVILLE.

A few minutes past Monetville, turn RIGHT onto the DOKIS RESERVE RD. – it’s on a left hand bend and clearly signposted. This is also the time to stop and call us (705 763 2220) to let us know of your arrival – half way along the Dokis Reserve Road you will lose your cell signal!

After 150 yards or so the Dokis Reserve Road becomes a loose gravel road. There are a couple of places where you can exit left but keep right – you’ll see signs pointing to the right for the Chaudière Lodge and the Dokis Marina. (25 minutes from your destination.)

After approx. 20 minutes you will cross a new concrete bridge, and a couple of minutes after that the road will become hard-paved again with a few houses either side – watch out for a MUSEUM on your right and a POLICE STATION & CHURCH on your left. (You can’t miss them!)

About 100 yards past the church the road swings downhill to your right and you’ll see the water and boats in front of you – there’s also a small Chaudière Lodge sign on a post.

Just past the boathouses and on your left, the Dokis Marina is a new 3-storey building with the office on the ground floor. Tell them you’re for Chaudière Lodge and they’ll call us and show you where to park – they charge $6.00/day for parking, plus $3.00/day for a boat trailer and $10 for a boat launch.

In a nutshell: Take the 400 north - which becomes Hwy 69 - to Hwy 64 - to the Dokis Reserve Rd.

FROM BUFFALO/NIAGARA FALLS: Take the QEW (Queen Elizabeth Way) to the 401 to the 400, then follow directions above from the SOUTH.

FROM DETROIT: Take the 401 to the 400, then follow directions above from the SOUTH.

FROM SARNIA: Take the 402 to the 401 to the 400, then follow directions above from the SOUTH.

DRIVING DIRECTIONS - from the EAST or WEST on Hwy 17 (Trans Canada Highway): At the small town of VERNER on Hwy 17, turn SOUTH onto Hwy 64. You will pass through LAVIGNE and NORTH MONETVILLE. Approx. 2 kilometers (1.25 miles) after North Monetville, turn LEFT onto the Dokis Reserve Rd. and follow the directions above.

If you're arriving early and would like to buy lunch, please call us by 10.00 am, or, if you're running late and would like us to keep dinner aside for you, please call us by 5.00 pm. (705 763 2220)

Visiting From The USA

US citizens and permanent residents visiting Canada for vacation are required to provide proof of citizenship or permanent residence to enter. However, Canada Customs will not allow a visitor from the US into Canada unless that visitor has the necessary documentation to return. Generally speaking, this is a US Passport (although there are equivalent documents such as a Nexus card).  If you wish to visit us (and we'd love to have you), give us a call and we can explain the process or go to the Travellers Information for Entering Canada website. Generally it is uncomplicated and straightforward.

Even if you have a criminal record for offences such as DUi or DWI, with the right preparation, your entry into Canada for a vacation is possible. Visit this Canadian government website which will explain the process. Just be honest and courteous to the Canada Customs folks and you should have few problems (although you may have to wait a while as they check up on you - and they have access to everything they need to know about you).

Other Visitors To Canada

All other visitors to Canada require a passport to enter the country. Some may also require visas. Check with your local Canadian embassy, consulate or consular service for details. This website can help you prepare for your visit.

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