Billy Commanda

With a lifetime of walleye fishing experience on the French River, Billy is our walleye specialist. Billy is known for his famous shore lunches, and ability to find the walleye when nobody else can! With his custom Stanley fishing boat, he is able to accomodate parties of up to 9 fisherman when requested. Learn the finer points of walleye location and jigging techniques with the most experienced walleye fisherman on the entire Upper French River!

Matt O'Brien

Matt is an experienced guide who has spent the better part of his life with a fishing rod in hand.  He has been targeting muskies specifically on the French River and Lake Nipissing for over 20 years and has become one of the most sought after guides around.  An expert musky angler with countless trophy muskies boated over the years is proof that time on the water is irreplaceable.  Whether you are an experienced angler or just starting out, you can count on Matt to help accelerate your learning curve and become a better angler.  Occasionally Matt also guides for Pike, Walleye, Small and Largemouth Bass but if you get the chance to get out with him you should definitely swing for the fences!   His background in technology allows him to use his electronics to tip the scales in your favor during the charter.  With timeless techniques and patterns developed over the years Matt consistently puts his clients on muskies from June till the end of November.

Pete Boles

Born with a fishing pole in hand, Pete has always had an unrivaled passion for fishing and the outdoors. Following that passion and through a series of events that some might call coincidence but he saw as fate, he found his way to Chaudiere Lodge in 2013.
After one night at Chaudiere, Pete decided to quit his job in Hamilton and came to work on our docks, where he quickly displayed that rare ability to find the fish every day on these sometimes challenging waters. And so it wasn't long before he was being asked to guide on a part time basis, finally transitioning three years ago to a full-time guide.
Today you will still find him at Chaudiere, where he has become one of our most successful and sought-after multi species guides. Walleye, Bass, Northern Pike or Muskie, whatever you seek - big fish, big laughs, big fun and delicious shore lunches are what this guide is all about!


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